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Dancing with the Stars of Charlotte to Benefit the Pink House

Friends, Family, Neighbors and Charlotte Community,
I am honored to be one of this year's Stars who is dancing and fundraising to support the mission of Carolina Breast Friends!
Please support me in collectively raising my personal goal of $100,000! Yes, $100,000!

Every dollar you pledge is tremendously appreciated, and supports the services Carolina Breast Friends provides for those with Breast Cancer in the greater Charlotte community. This is a competition, and since you are reading this you are my friend, and know me well enough to say that I'm competitive, love to dance, (regardless of my skill level) and giving back and volunteering are pillars in my life. So....this is a trifecta of all that I love, and I look forward to learning and raising a TON of money for Carolina Breast Friends with your support.

Dancing With The Stars of Charlotte is a friendly competition, with a clear common goal of raising the most money possible to support Carolina Breast Friends and The Pink House. To inspire us Stars, we are in competition with one another to win 3 different types of awards on the night of the show. Top Fundraiser, Judges Choice Winner for the highest score, and the coveted "Crowd Favorite," based on the LOUDEST applause and fastest enthusiastic crowd standing ovation on show night, February 28th!

So, that being said, if you know me well and my spirited competitive nature, I would love to crush all 3, but the most important of the three to me is to raise the most money possible for Carolina Breast Friends. With every dollar you donate, I receive a reciprocal 1 vote in the dance competition. Please vote for me with your credit cards, loose couch change and Corporate and Foundation sponsorships. Collectively we can make a HUGE impact to support the services that The Pink House and Carolina Breast Friends provides to our greater Charlotte community.

Because everyone loves gifts! In addition to me attacking you with hugs and kisses, another way I would like to say "Thank you for supporting me and Carolina Breast Friends," is to bribe you by dangling small tokens of my appreciation in front of you to help motivate you to enter your credit card details right here on my fundraising page.

For those who donate $250-$499: Personalized Pink Tassel Key Chain-Super Cute!

For those who donate $500-$999: Monogrammed Pink Winesulator.

For those who donate $1,000-$2,499: Handmade (by me) Personalized Charm bracelet

For Those donating $2,500 or more: Custom 12x12 mixed media artwork made by me, to you, to thank you for your over the top generosity!

Why am I dancing and attempting, with all that I have in me, to raise $100,000 for Carolina Breast Friends and risk falling on my face in front of 1300 people at The Knight Theater on February 28th...might you ask?
Very good question!

Like many of you, Cancer, and especially Breast cancer, has and is effecting so many of my loved ones, and loved ones of so many of my friends. It's around us daily; our neighbors and friends, colleagues and acquaintances...the word "Breast Cancer," comes up daily in conversational life. Should it be a post I read on Facebook from an old friend, at a cocktail party, at Church, on the tennis courts, walking my dog, talking to a friend at my kids school.....its everywhere. 1 in 8 women, thats 12% of all US women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime. A mans lifetime risk of Breast Cancer is 1 in 883, and that statistical rate is growing every year. For example to other visual learners like me, if we were to use a physical representation of this statistic it would look like this. Imagine pink bows on 9,000 of the 75,000 seats at Bank of America-Panthers stadium. That would be the representation of women who will be effected by Breast Cancer in their lifetime.

I am fundraising and ballroom dancing, or "attempting and trying my very best" to learn and perform a ballroom dance for your laughing and clapping pleasures on February 28th for more reasons than I can list on this page.
I am dancing and fundraising for my Charlotte community that is currently effected by Breast Cancer, is recovering from Breast Cancer or is one of the amazing community volunteers and staff that have dedicated their time and their hearts to running Carolina Breast Friends and The Pink House. I'm raising money for the future needs of my neighbors, friends and relatives. So if they ever do develop Breast Cancer, support and love; direction and guidance will be in place to carry them through their journey of treatment and recovery. Lending them a shoulder to cry on, a survivor to hold their hand or simply a haven to go to and be loved and cared for in all the ways one needs while battling this horrible disease. I am dancing and fundraising in honor of my late Aunt Kaye, and my beautiful Nana. Two AMAZING and strong women who fought not only Breast Cancer, but other cancers as well. There was nothing like The Pink House through their diagnosis and treatments; absolutely no support was present outside family and friends. I can only imagine how impactful and beneficial The Pink House would have been to them emotionally, and its my goal to honor them by supporting The Pink house to ensure its longevity and positive community influence, so that nobody will ever have to journey this disease on their own. I am dancing also for my amazing survivor friends: Terri Benton, Betty Scholtz, Rick Hagmann, Hilary Lavely, Marissa Berland, Lana Truong, Michelle Ward, Mel McNamara, Ngan Nguyen and Claire Talley. It's my goal to support The Pink House and its services so that it will continue to grow and extend its reach, right here in our community. Lastly, Im dancing and fundraising to lead by example for my two children, that giving back to others is exactly why we are all here on this earth. We are all one big family and its our duty and privilege to take care of another.

I was blessed by this challenge, and given this opportunity to give back and support Carolina Breast Friends a few months ago. As excited and honored as I was to be nominated to dance, I was terrified that I would fail or let those who believe in me down. Scared that I may fall on stage or not raise the amount of money I have pledged...scared to do something way out of my comfort zone; scared to fail.

Words of clarity came from a close friend of mine when I needed it most, "Most things in life that seem unattainable and overwhelming at the time, are always worth it in the end" These words alone have been carrying me and holding my hand these past few weeks; reminding me to look ahead with determination and passion when I doubt myself and my capabilities.

Over the course of the next 6 months, I will be spending 2-3 days a week at Midtown Ballroom with my fabulous pro dance partner, Daniel Gonzalez. Learning and growing emotionally and physically, attempting to crush it onstage on February 28th in front of all of you; my supporters and friends. Thank you Daniel, for your time, talent and patience. I appreciate you and cannot wait to see how we unfold and grow as partners and dancers.

In addition to voting for me with your dollars, The Pink House offers several different corporate and personal sponsorships from the $1,000 mark and up. VIP after party tickets, priority seating at the show, backstage passes, signage and logos plastered everywhere...you name it, we have it.

Please email me for more information on sponsoring me on this higher level, and I will personally come to your house and go over it in detail!

Thank you in advance for your generosity, your support, your hugs and love....and for reading my super long winded essay :)

(Future Dancing Queen)

Thank You

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Dancing with the Stars of Charlotte to Benefit the Pink House 2020

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